Create stunning lip-sync
with the click of a button

Auto-Lip-Sync is now available worldwide.

Start exploring the world of fully automated lip-sync.

High Quality Lip Sync

We have created custom algorithms to provide high-quality lip sync. In fact, we guarantee that more than 90% of your clip will be aligned perfectly.

Easy to Use

Auto-Lip-Sync was built to provide the most intuitive interface possible. This allows you to focus on your most important task: Creating stunning animations.

Highly Customizable

Our Blender lip sync addon provides all the necessary settings to create unique animations. Whether you want to use a unique face rig or a specific animation style, Auto-Lip-Sync got you covered.


We are always available for your service. If any questions or problems should come up, feel free to contact us. Typically we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.